Surviving a Motorcycle Accident

Any type of motor accident is terrifying and lifechaning. A bike accident is one of the most deadly ones out there, and surviving one will be something to change you forever. The good news? Well, you’re alive.

The bad news? Now you have to deal with the mess that your bike accident left behind.

The First Step

Chicago is a dangerous area for drivers, bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The traffic can be brutal at times, and accidents happen daily. If you or someone you care about recently survived a Chicago motorcycle accident, it’s important you move fast to remedy the damage.

After getting medical attention, the first thing you need to do is contact a local motorcycle accident attorney. They will take over your case and fight for your compensation for any damage that was done to you, physically and mentally.

An accident attorney will also help you through finding solutions for any financial concerns that come up at any point during your injury and recovery period.

Stay Organized

The last thing you want as a motorcycle accident survivor is chaos. With hospital bills, therapy payments, disability checks, and other new documents to worry about, it’s easy to lose the upper hand. Things may feel like they’re falling out of your control, but it’s vital to the success of your case to keep it all organized.

Helping your attorney by providing clear documentation of all expenses and lost wages will help you in the end get the compensation you need. Get a handle on this early on and figure out an organization system for filing bills and paperwork.

During your case, this could be what makes the biggest difference.

Tips For Motorcycle Safety

Falling off the horse doesn’t always mean you want to get back on, but many do. Motorcyclists love their ride, and it’s a hard passion to put to rest. Even after surviving an accident, you don’t have to retire from the road!

Following some easy safety tips will help you not only prevent a future accident, but keep the roads safer for everyone around you as well.

  1. Invest in good motorcycle helmets. You and any passenger with you should be equipped with a functional, protective helmet. After each crash, no matter how minor, you’ll need to replace both helmets used. Just because Chicago doesn’t enforce a helmet law doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the rule yourself.
  2. Avoid swerving through lanes. Sticking to your own lane and keeping within your own personal area can be a life-saver, especially if you’re dealing with distracted drivers on the road. As easy and tempting as it is to wind through the slower cars, you’re putting yourself at risk.
  3. Watch the weather. Riding your motorcycle in poor weather is a great way to get yourself hurt. Drivers have trouble seeing a biker on the road when it’s rainy, cloudy, or even hazy. Pay attention to the forecast and grab the car keys if it looks murky out there.