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Taxi Cab Injury In Chicago

Chicago Has a History with Cabs and injuries. Chicago has always been well-suited for the taxicab industry, in part due to the layout of the city, along with a touch of deep-freeze weather that makes walking in the Windy City rough. And that’s not to mention Chicago’s role as the place where the east and west […]

Illinois Taxi Injury Guide

There are almost 7,000 taxis operating in the City of Chicago – cabs are privately owned and licensed through the city – which regulates the supply and demand side by controlling how many taxis are on the road through city-authorized taxi medallions. Have You Been Injured in a Chicago Taxi Accident? A 2010 Chicago Sun-Times […]

Illinois Rideshare Accident Injury Guide

Some experts say you’re safe using a ridesharing service. If you have been injured in a Ridesharing accident in Illinois, you would beg to disagree.  And since ridesharing is relatively new, it can be difficult to find a qualified Ridesharing attorney in Illinois for your accident. The Chicago Tribune spent Labor Day uncovering Chicago’s rideshare accident […]

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Injury Guide

On Labor Day weekend of 2017, a man was killed on Chicago’s West Side when a car made a left turn in front of his motorcycle, causing the Harley-Davidson and the 1999 Dodge Avenger to collide. The teen driver was cited in the crash, which left the 64-year-old Chicago motorcycle driver dead. It was one […]

Illinois Dog Bite Attorney Injury Guide

Google Illinois Dog Bites, and the first entries to pop up are all doggie eateries, which are cute, but not what we’re talking about here. If you’re looking for a dog bite attorney, google dog bite attorney near me to find one close to your location. No matter how cute a dog – or not […]

Illinois Tractor Trailer Accident Injury Lawyer – Involved In a Tractor Trailer Accident in Illinois?

Almost every day in Illinois, someone is injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident. In Chicago, a transportation hub that brings together myriad methods of transportation to one centralized, Midwest city, the risks of a tractor-trailer accident are significantly higher. Commercial trucking is continuing to grow in Chicago, creating an atmosphere for more accidents […]

Chicago Uber Accident Injury Guide

Ridesharing programs, especially the top app, Uber, has changed transportation by merging the tech power of smartphones, GPS systems and social media, offering passengers a welcome alternative to riding a crowded, often dangerous bus or subway or paying jacked-up taxi fares that charge by the minute. Do I Get Any Uber Injury Protection As a […]

Illinois Taxi Accident Injury Guide – Taxi Injury 101

Were you injured in a cab or taxi in Chicago or Illinois? If you were, you may be entitled to compensation under Illinois law. According to statistics, pedestrian accidents account for 11 percent of all motor vehicle accidents, and taxicab drivers have an accident rate that is four times that of normal passenger vehicles. In […]

Auto Accident Injury Guide: The Keys to Winning Your Case

Car Accident Lawsuits: The Keys to Winning Your Case While the aftermath of a car accident includes an immediate assessment of damages, both physical and to your vehicle, there are some things that you’ll want to do if the driver of the other vehicle was at fault and caused the accident due to negligence. In […]

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Guide

Spinal cord injuries happen in an instant and can have devastating consequences. Every day, scores of the injured contact a spinal cord injury attorney in Chicago for help. Severe, permanent injuries can be caused by an injury to the spinal cord – which is responsible for delivering messages from the brain to the rest of […]