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Chicago Delayed Birth Injury Cases – When is a Doctor at Fault?

Has your family suffered a Delayed Birth Injury? While every pregnant woman has likely heard horror stories about days-long labor, the risk factors associated with delayed births are serious, and there is no room for bragging rights about which mom was in labor the longest. According to experts, there is an 18-hour window during which babies can […]

Illinois Big Rig Accident Lawyer Settlement Guide

This post takes an in-depth look at accidents caused by Big Rigs in Illinois. If a tractor-trailer is involved in a fatal accident with a smaller vehicle, in most cases, the people most likely to be killed are those in the passenger vehicle, given the vulnerability they face going up against a truck that often […]

Illinois Fire Truck Accident Attorney

While most fire truck accidents occur when fire trucks are speeding to a blaze, traveling as fast as they can in order to reach a home or business that’s on fire to save both structures and lives, accidents can also occur under less stressful circumstances. In 2003, a South Side Chicago boy lost his leg […]

Illinois UPS Truck Injury Attorney Settlement Guide

Illinois UPS Truck Injury Attorney proudly serving truck injury victims in Chicago & Illinois. In 2014, on the day before Christmas Eve, a UPS struck a female pedestrian in Evanston, Illinois, trapping her beneath the truck and leaving her seriously injured. The driver said he didn’t realize he had hit the woman until he heard her […]